Nakhl captured in all glory


Thirty-two amateur and professional lensmen representing 16 teams took part in a photography event at Nakhl fort.
Organised by Photography Club, it was aimed at giving photographers an “opportunity to develop their artistic skills in the field of photography”, said Khalid al Mawali, president, Photography Team.

It also highlighted the aesthetic aspects of the Wilayat of Nakhl, which is ranked one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The event saw folk performances stressing on the Sultanate’s heritage.
Mohammed al Kindy, Majlis Ash’shura member of the Wilayat of Nakhl and patron of the ceremony, distributed prizes to winners of the photography competition. It was organised by photography team of South Al Batinah.
The event was organised in coordination with the governorate’s tourism department, said Al Mawali.
The photography team has been working hard to gather photographers from all parts of the governorate. It recently organised a photography training course to hone photographers’ skills and promote tourism sites in South Al Batinah.