Mwasalat routes now available on Google Maps

988931By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: April 19 – For the first time, Mwasalat city routes have been activated on Google maps to be accessed under the ‘transit’ section. This service allows residents and visitors to know the details of Mwasalat routes in Muscat, including bus stops, departure times at each location and cost of the trip from the departure point to the destination. This service allows users to plan their travels accurately as Google Maps shows all seven public transport routes within Muscat.

Through this service, the user can identify the routes that face traffic jams during peak hours and alternative routes that are less crowded. They can identify the bus stops near the current location and what roads and streets lead to those positions. In the next phase, Mwasalat will add routes long-distance routes on Google maps. The company is also working on activating the bus tracking system for the user to directly follow the bus movement across all routes. This will help people to avoid waiting at bus stops for long periods and plans their journey accordingly.