Land-and-sea route to Masirah launched

April 20 – Mwasalat, in coordination with the National Ferries Company (NFC) launched a new joint route connecting land with the sea to Masirah, on April 20.

 The new route is named ‘Muscat-Shannah-Masirah’ included Mwasalat buses as well as the NFC’s ferry to Masirah Island in a daily round trip throughout the week. The new route provides passengers with the flexibility to start or end the journey in other cities of the Sultanate without incurring additional costs or using other means of transportation.

 The route will start from Azaiba station, then connect Muscat International Airport, Al Sahwa Tower, to Samad Ash Shan and then to Sinaw, with the bus journey ending at Shannah harbour.
Thereafter, passengers will board the ferry to Masirah Island. However, the return trip will be on the same route, on reverse direction, beginning this time the journey from Masirah Island on the ferry trip and concluding at the starting point at Al-Athaiba station in Muscat Governorate.

 In order to facilitate benefiting from the two companies’ new joint service, passengers can buy or book tickets through the customer service center or from the various offices of the two companies or while on the bus.