Muttrah development focus of Muscat Municipality

MUSCAT: The Directorate-General of Muscat Municipality at Greater Muttrah is seeking to provide a healthy environment for streamlining services and procedures as well as development of infrastructure and facilities under its jurisdiction.
Being a cultural, architectural and civilisation hub, the efforts aimed at providing development and services have been centred on Greater Muttrah. The development process has taken into consideration creation of a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity.
Plans undertaken by the Directorate-General of Muscat Municipality include but not limited to organising buildings and institutions, managing waste, constructing main roads and lighting internal roads.
Routine services being carried out by the DG of Muscat Municipality include beautification works, pest control and regular inspections on food and beverage establishments. Besides, it monitors buildings and checks for compliance to specifications.
Consequently, more than 200 buildings overlooking main roads underwent renovation in the wilayats of Muscat and Muttrah last year.

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