Municipality on a ‘clean’ Muscat drive

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Dec. 17: Muscat Municipality has urged citizens and residents to cooperate in its efforts to keep the city clean and follow certain rules laid out by it. The municipality has urged people to use plastic bags to collect waste and seal them, and drop the bags in designated containers. It has urged people to keep beaches clean under the slogan, ‘As you always seek clean areas, kindly keep clean for others too’. With the help of volunteers, Muscat Municipality has been conducting awareness campaigns on keeping public places such as parks, beaches and waterfronts free of litter.
Muscat has been consistently ranked among the top cities in the Middle East and North Africa region. According to a survey conducted by last year, 57 per cent of Muscat population gave an ‘excellent’ rating for cleanliness on city streets. Other important environmental factors in Muscat include clean air (75 per cent), clean water (82 per cent), beauty of the architecture and buildings (73 per cent), and manageable traffic (69 per cent).
“Having visited most of the developed and developing countries of the world in the last 20 years, I have seen untidiness in some of the best countries and clean spots in some of the poorest countries. It is not all about money, just about how serious people and authorities are about the issue,” said Maryam, who frequently visits public parks in Oman. “Muscat certainly looks a very clean city, but there are some grey areas. Waste management certainly needs improvement with stricter rules and awareness campaigns,” she said.