The mountainous line between Hamra and Rustaq… pure nature


Zainab al Nassri –

Among the mountains’ cliffs and terrains, there are touristic spots that haven’t been discovered yet. Wadi Bani Awaf in Wilayat al Rustaq is one of valleys whose natural beauty attracts visitors every season and all days throughout the year. The untouched nature is an attraction on its own, a destination for climbers and walkers. Halfway at the road to the valley, locates ‘Bait Beema’, a small motel for tourists which is now planned to accommodate more guests, according to, Hamed bin Shamis al Hattali, the motel person in charge.
Talking to the Observer, Al Hattali said “the motel is located in the mountainous line between Hamra in Dakhiliyah Governorate and Rustaq in Batinah. It is 30 km away from Rustaq town centre. It also can be reached through Al Jebel Al Sharqi (east mountain) — Hatt route from al Hamra side for 40 km car drive”.
He added “Although that reaching the place requires a four-wheel vehicle, the end justifies the mean. The place is perfect for pure nature lovers. The motel here provides double rooms and bathrooms for visitors, it is not qualified yet for families but we are working to get touristic permits to develop it. Meals served here are made by local experts and it is all about true Omani food”.
Al Hattali explained that Bait Beema was first built based on rooms system to be like a quick simple shelter for visitors. But after a while it became destination for large numbers of guests either foreigners or Omanis.
He mentioned that Wadi Bani Awaf area is distinguished with its quietness and natural charm. Nowadays, it is the direction of winter tourism fans. “we have visitors from different nationalities who seek help from the place residents to know more about the region landmarks. Our guides are mainly youth who speak English. They volunteer to take visitors in tours during their free times as they have their own jobs” he clarified.
Not far away from Bait Beema, there is also al Hotta guest house which is affiliated to the same local company. Al Hattali stated that this house is more suitable for families as it has play yards, chalets, double rooms and restaurants. It is located on the top of the mountain, 20 km away from Al Hamra. Which means it is easier to reach it from Dakhiliyah than from Batinah. “the road is paved all along. It is 2,000 metres above sea level making temperature drop to 10C. The place is characterised with its doubled view as it overlooks the two governorates from the same spot”.