MoH’s curbs on patients seeking treatment abroad

MUSCAT: Restrictions will be imposed on patients travelling abroad for medical treatment, said an official from the Ministry of Health (MoH).
According to the official, only those patients suffering from chronic/ acute ailments and those who can’t be treated within the country either due to lack of specialised medical cadres or lack of medical equipment will be allowed to go abroad for medical treatment.
Speaking to Oman Arabic, the sister publication of the Observer, the official said: “All cases that need to be treated outside the Sultanate will be studied by a special medical committee which works independently in accordance with certain rules and regulations.”
The committee comprises senior doctors working in referral hospitals and who are aware of the capabilities of hospitals in Oman. The committee will review the medical reports written by doctors and discuss with them the cases placed before the committee, the official added.
Meanwhile, 20 doctors are expected to be enrolled for the Oman Medical Specialty Board’s fellowship programme on government sponsorship for the current year.