MoHE launches 13 new academic programmes

MUSCAT, July 18 – Thirteen new academic programmes have been introduced by higher educational institutions in the Sultanate. Some of these have been launched for the first time.
The programmes are manily Software Engineering Masters, Data Sciences Masters, Sciences Masters, Multimedia Processing Masters, Social Studies Masters, Arabic language and Islamic Education Masters in Nizwa University, Security and Crime Programs and Robots Sciences in Global College of Engineering and Technology, Personnel Affairs and Marketing, Management Accounting and Logistics Masters, Entrepreneurship Masters, and Aviation Administration Masters.
This was disclosed at the opening of the second edition of the Higher Education Institutions Exhibition, which began on Tuesday under the auspices of Mohammed bin Abu Bakr al Ghassani, Deputy Chairman of Majlis Ash’shura, at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The three-day event was organised by the Ministry of Higher Education with participation from 30 institutions.
It was aimed at providing graduates of the General Education Diploma with an opportunity to learn more about services provided by higher educational institutions (universities, colleges/training institutes) as well as programmes and specialisations.
“The exhibition provides a great opportunity for graduates and general diploma students to learn about disciplines and programmes offered by educational establishments. It is not just about education, but also about internships and business management,” said the patron.
The exhibition focuses on institutions that provide education services as well as training programmes.
It highlights entrepreneurship as an important goal to promote in the community through the participation of competent authorities.
A workshop will be held on the sidelines of the event which will focus on entrepreneurship and how to start a business. It will be presented by the SMEs Development Fund.

Zainab al Nassri