Modernised earthenware for profit, culture preservation

Acoffee pot made of clay may not warrant any second look if sold in flea markets or lively souqs such as the ones in Nizwa and Fanja. But an innovation made by students from the Arab Open University are gaining popularity ushering in a youth-led initiative of protecting culture and traditional heritage. Turathukum is a student company that creates contemporary Omani heritage products and the team’s latest dallah or coffee pot made of clay has not only evolved, it has gone beyond the sometimes limited use of earthenware items.

Members of Turathukum have conceptualised their product as an ideal vessel for preparing and heating coffee, which means coffee can be prepared and presented in the same container.
The innovation was part of the many student innovations seen at ‘Sharikati’ competition organised by Injaz Oman to encourage students of higher education institutions to lead businesses.
The company aims to be a pioneer in the development of Omani heritage products. They are squeezing in some new styles and methodologies to age-old practices and traditions to introduce modern and contemporary products not only to help preserve the identity of the Sultanate’s heritage but also answer the demands of modern consumers.
“Our company Turathukum produces an eco-friendly pottery pitcher that reflects the Omani heritage and we are committed to taking health- care into account in order to achieve maximum quality and safety for the consumers,” the company said in a press release.

Ithar al Husniyah, the CEO of the company emphasised that “Our mission is to preserve the heritage and improve the quality of the product and bring better economic returns.”
The product was already introduced to different student company exhibitions. Its introduction was made during the “Yadan Bi Yad” exhibition at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort. It was also presented at the exhibition held at the Avenues Mall where the creators demonstrated and provided explanation as to how the product works.
“We’ve already received a large number of requests for the product. We will do our best to provide and deliver,” the company statement said.
“We in Turathukum cannot stop emphasising the importance of developing our heritage products. The purpose of what we’re trying to do has great importance which can have positive outcome for us and the preservation of our cultural treasures for the enjoyment of the future generations,” Sheikha al Busaidiyah, marketing director, said.
In the coming months, other types of products will also be made available to the public. The group aims to also attract more tourists and have an integral role in the tourism sector.