Moderate to heavy rains to continue until Friday

MUSCAT, Sept 6 – Rains continue to cast a spell over South and North Al Batinah as well as certain parts of Al Dhahirah and Al Dakhiliyah governorates. The governorates received moderate to heavy rains on Wednesday as the skies remained overcast over Al Hajar Mountains and adjoining areas.
The wilayats of Rustaq, Yanqul, Ibri, Nizwa, Izki, Hamra and Wadi Al Jizzi were lashed by intense showers causing a number of wadis to run. Yanqul recorded heavy downpours, bringing vehicular traffic to a halt in a number of areas.
Meanwhile, prospects for low cloud formation over North and South Al Sharqiyah are expected to persist during Thursday and overnight on Friday, adding to the chance of rain in these governorates. The formation of the low clouds is linked to a combination of high relative humidity and easterly winds, the Oman Met Office said in a report.
According to the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA), cloud development accompanied by thundershowers are expected until Friday. Isolated rains are forecast in a number of wilayats over the next two days.
Wet conditions are expected to extend into North Al Sharqiyah governorate on Thursday with chances of moderate, isolated rains. Muscat Governorate will remain relatively dry during the period.
Motorists heading towards areas adjoining Al Hajar Mountains over the weekend should take precautions while driving and strictly avoid venturing into flowing wadis, the Met Office report said.
The heavy rains and flowing wadis are expected to contribute to aquifer replenishment in a number of governorates in the northern half of the Sultanate.

Hammam Al Badi

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