Minister inspects work on Al Sharqiyah expressway

IBRA: Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, paid an inspection visit on Wednesday to follow up the progress of the project of 116- km Al Sharqiyah Expressway Phase I, which extends from the Wilayat of Bidbid in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah to the Masroun junction in Ibra in the Governorate of North Al Sharqiyah. During the visit, the minister was accompanied by Salim bin Mohammed al Nuaimi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
The Minister of Transport and Communications, said, “Today the last part of the tunnel in Nadab area on Al Sharqiyah Expressway is completed. The tunnel boring on both side is completed and is the first of its kind in the Sultanate. Works on other tunnels are continuing by the executing company and in good progress.’
He added, “The completion rate in the first tunnel, which is located in the Nadab area in the Wilayat of Samayil, reached about 75 per cent, with two tracks, each has three lanes. The first track coming from Al Dakhiliyah towards the Governorates of North and South Al Sharqiyah is about 618 metres. The opposite direction is about 75 metres. The tunnel at the other location near Al Jarda area in the Wilayat Al Mudhaibi is 1,400 metres long and is in its early stages of implementation.” He explained that the boring work is in its infancy and said the mechanical and electrical work expected to be completed by mid-2019. — ONA