Minister inspects projects in Musandam

KHASAB: Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Futaisi, Minister of Transport and Communications, on Saturday inspected road projects in Musandam Governorate including the Khasab-Tibat road to identify the citizens’ demands and observations about the services in this vital project.
Salim bin Mohammed al Nuaimi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, said that the most important improvements done at the Khasab-Tibat coastal road is the protection against falling rocks. The ministry has studied a number of options and is currently implementing them including diverting the road from its original path in 10 locations with a total distance of 10 km. Other solutions include installing falling rock protection nets in 50 spots.
During the visit, the minister discussed the citizens’ demands with the governor of Musndam and the wali of Khasab including constructing walkways along the road in some locations. A consultant has been tasked with conducting the study for the project. The ministry will redress other issues raised by the citizens regarding the Khasab-Tibat road project, Al Nuaimi said.
Regarding the strategic projects in Musandam Governorate, Al Nuaimi said a tender has been rolled out for the Daba-Khasab road. The project is now approved after it has been delayed due to the financial conditions.
The total cost of Khasab-Tibat is RO 40 million and it is expected to be completed in August 2018.
The Government of Musandam has witnessed the construction of a number of road projects including 12-km Hadha road. The ministry has plans for implementation of several development projects in the governorate including developing Khasab Airport and developing the existing road as well as implementing the Daba-Khasab road, al Nuaimi said.
The minister of transport and commutations will hold an induction meeting today in the Wilayat of Khasab to review the ministry’s current and futuristic projects in the Wilayat. He will listen to the proposals and opinions of the citizens with a view to realising their aspirations. — ONA