Middle age crisis

Shared Thoughts

When a man reaches a certain age, he usually thinks he had become too old. He becomes depressed and short tempered. He discovered that he is closer to death, yet he has not achieved much for his age. These symptoms usually affect men in midlife. The common symptom of middle age is men trying to fight the aging impression. Yes, there are some men who seek superficial achievements to show off but others give up, lose hope and become worn out.
In cases like these, it is important for a man to have an understanding wife, or else the man may even suffer from depression and anxiety. Wives should know that men need understanding and not condemnation, if you are to help them successfully.
The man and the woman should support and be patient with each other till the time lasts. The woman should not charge the husband and call him names. She should try as much as possible to support him as and when he advances in age. And, of course, the reverse is true. As husband and wife grow older, the love should grow deeper.
People rarely achieve 100% of what they set out to do. In fact, a man will be lucky if he achieves 80%.
If your age is up there and you are frustrated about your achievements, just remember that all men experience that stage at one time and the good news is that majority overcome it.
Just as puberty is the transition from childhood to adulthood, middle age is the transition from the ‘building stage’ to the ‘mature stage’ of adult life.
There are as many differences between these two halves of adult life as there are between childhood and adulthood. Middle age crisis basically requires social and psychological solutions.
Men need to try and keep fit. Engage in physical exercises like aerobics, walking or jogging. This will keep you fit and at the same time change your general outlook towards things.
Whenever you feel low, take regular exercise to avoid being lazy. Keeping fit will relieve stress and mild depression. Try combining aerobics with other exercise, as running, cycling or swimming or weight training. These can all have a powerful relaxing effect. Playing a team sport and/or joining a club is a powerful motivator, as you won’t want to let the lads down. It may allow you to meet other men, which can be refreshing and even therapeutic, because they may be experiencing similar problems.
Another prescription is having a good diet that will not only provide vital nutrients to your body, but also improve your energy levels. Remember to reduce the amount of fats, salt, sugar and fast foods intake. Eat well. Make sure you eat regular meals and avoid too many refined foods, saturated fats and those with high cholesterol. Also try to have enough rest. Getting enough sleep helps keep your mind and body healthy. Do periodical medical checkups. Many symptoms need to be checked out for underlying physical causes. Rectify symptoms of issues like diabetes, high/low blood pressures, cholesterol, heart diseases etc.
The journey from youth to middle age and into old age may seem frightening but it can be an opportunity to re-evaluate the direction of your life. Don’t give up. Even at 60, you can still have time to start something, broaden your interests, travel, return to school to improve your academic qualifications, learn new skills or take up a new sport. As you advance in age, be positive about your achievements, your ageing and the way life is turning out. A crisis can be used as an opportunity to change your life for the better. Life is good… enjoy it!