Mars team prepares for ‘landing day’

The AMADEE-18 Mars Analog Mission team, which is preparing for the ‘landing day’, has now entered the bridgehead phase, where visitors are allowed to visit the camp and interact with astronauts. The interaction revolved around how the Aouda spacesuit simulator works. Based in the PDO concession area, the project site was visited by a large number of employees. The team is preparing to get used to conditions in the area, which will be their home for the next three to four weeks. The main priority of the field crew was to check provisions as they need to have all the food available for the next four weeks. This is apart from getting the base up and running. They had to unload two big containers shipped from Austria and put the boxes in the right places.

Then, unpack these boxes and ensure they are in the right places, including communication infrastructure, server and other things. “We planned this 12th analog mission for over one and a half years and finally being here at this magnificent desolation makes us proud,” said a statement from Field Commander Gernot Groemer. According to Joao Lousada, Analog Astronaut and Deputy Field Commander, Austrian Space Forum (OeWF), “The landing day is approaching quickly for AMADEE18 and our base station is shaping up nicely.” On February 2, a group from the Omani Astronomical Society of Muscat visited the mission site.

Vinod Nair