Many wilayats see rainfall, more showers likely today

Weekend driving can prove to be tricky as more rain has been predicted for Friday. Met Office (Public Authority for Civil Aviation) said, “There are chances of convective clouds development, isolated rain and occasional thundershowers associated with downdraft winds over Al Hajar Mountains and the adjoining wilayats in the afternoon.” A number of the wilayats of the Sultanate have experienced heavy to moderate rains as a result of local clouds formations on Wednesday. The Wilayat of Ibra has witnessed heavy rainfall that caused wadis to overflow.

The wilayats of Al Khabourah, Izki and Mahdha have also witnessed downpour. Al Hamra and Yanqul have also experienced flash floods and heavy rainfall accompanied by hailstorm and strong winds.
The rains have led to drop in high temperatures and to an increase in water level.
Thundershowers associated with downdraft winds fell in some areas of the wilayat of Mahdha like Misah, Al Juwaif, Hiwan, Bu Qalah and Al Afradh which led to flooding in some wadis. Due to the recent rainfall that the wilayat has received, some of its dams like Misah and Hiwan are overflowing.
There is also a possibility of thundershowers, said the Met Office. “It is early to predict how much rain is expected and whether wadis would overflow.”
Intermittent drizzle is predicted in Salalah and the adjoining mountains in Dhofar. Visibility is low in Salalah because of fog. A dust storm is likely in the desert areas of Dhofar Governorate.
Met Office has warned against venturing into sea in Salalah. Waters are rough along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea with waves reaching a height of four metres.
In coasts of Musandam Governorate, waves are expected to reach a height of 1.5 metres, and in Oman Sea coast 1.25 metres. The highest temperature was recorded in Fahud, Rustaq, Haima and Marmul, with a maximum of 46 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 30 degrees Celsius.
Jebel Shams was the coolest place in Oman. Qairoon Hairiti recorded a high of 22 degrees Celsius and a low of 20 degrees Celsius. Jebel Shams saw a high of 26 degrees Celsius and a low of 20 degrees Celsius.

Lakshmi kothaneth

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