Making a niche in the travel, events sector

In a post-oil world, one of the sectors being looked at in the Sultanate to boost the economy is tourism and five youngsters who hailed from different university background are elevating the standards of events organization and travel.
Salma Rashid Hamed al Hajri, a student of CBFS, Juhaina Nasser al Qassabi, a Civil Engineering graduate, Buthaina Nasser al Qassabi, an Industrial Engineering graduate, Saeed Abdullah al Harthy and Abdul Aziz Mohammed al Hadhrami are five like-minded Omani youngsters who felt the need of filling a gap in the tourism sector.
They came together early this year and conducted a brainstorming sessions, analyzing, assessing and pondering over some of the needs of the events management sector in the Sultanate.
The group has come to a realisation that there is something they can offer, a better events organisation and travel service of which the standard is seldom seen in the country. The team will not only handle the events personally, they would meticulously look into every details and would work not only from pre-planning but ensure the smooth and successful run of every event they handle.
“We studied the social events sector connected to developing tourism and assessed where we can make a difference by initiating a project,” Juhaina and Salma shared.
“We zeroed down on a couple of business projects and eventually settled on a startup project that would organise events as well as trips around the country. Hence we named it ‘Rahla’ which in English means ‘Trip’,” the shared.
Since the team is comprised of five team members with different expertise, all these come into play in their events organisation and planning. The result is always on the positive.
“Since its launching in March, the response we’d been getting in the last four months were astounding,” they shared.
The five part-timers have already conducted nearly a dozen events of different sizes and complexities. The diversity of the projects they handled have created a marked in Oman’s market.
“We are ambitious and we are determined to make a difference on the projects we handle. We do all these while continuing our studies,” they said.
The owners of Rahla were spotted at the one-of-a-kind fun-packed music training by acclaimed Swiss music duo, vocalist Saskia Stauble and pianist Michael Odermatt aka Mikey at the City Seasons Hotel.
“There are a lot of demands for our concept of doing business but we are balancing our studies and work hence we cannot take more than one assignment at a time,” the team said.

Kabeer Yousuf