Making art acces sible to the public

Many people feel that buying a piece of art is expensive. But an initiative in Oman is trying to change that belief. An exhibition to promote art that is accessible to anyone who would like to own and collect is coming up at Bait al Baranda. As the first event of the season, Bait Al Baranda will be hosting the Affordable Art exhibition onDecember 9 & Sunday 10 at its premises.

This is the first of its kind, whereby artists will be showcasing their artworks, selling each piece at affordable price as opposed to pricing that are normally in tune with their caliber.
Eight Omani and expatriate artists have joined hands to launch this initiative. This kind of exhibition or somewhat art fair or show is practiced globally and attracts collectors and enthusiasts alike.
“Bait Al Baranda, located on the Muttrah seafront, is proud to welcome the public and invites all those interested in the arts to come support the artists. This two-day event will also be a chance to catch up with family and friends. Mani’s, a local coffee house will offer various coffees and teas including snacks at a nominal price,” said Malik al Hinai, Director of Bait al Baranda. The events will be opened from 9am to 6pm on both days.
He commented that “Bait Al Baranda is privileged to host this event and hopefully this will be a yearly activity held in various locations within Muscat.”
Radhika Hamlai, a local artist, identified and initiated this idea, convincing her fellow artists to come on board and make this a success where people could use original art in their daily lives. “We have managed to identify a niche and we hope this takes on over the years,” commented Radhika.
“I feel people anywhere in the world will buy art just to collect a piece of art. Sometimes they want it as a decor. There are serious collectors of art in the country. In Oman there are many young artists –young Omanis and expatriates, teachers and students who are very much inspired by art. I have a lot of people who have come to me and bought art. So collection of art in Oman is very valid. It is a wide market. Buying expensive art is a very special niche but there are also people who may not invest so much into expensive art but are very happy to buy things that are related to art,” explained Radhika.
This is where the difference appear in the art exhibition. The art work one will see on December 9th and 10th are not just about painting on canvases. The exhibition will see artists paint on frankincense burners, book markers, coasters, meet the photographer signing her book, and much more making the two days exciting.
“We wanted art lovers to have something they can easily afford. So some of the artists will have prints of their art work. We have a photographer who will be bringing in prints of her photographs, So this art fair is not just about an exhibition, but it is also about products. They are all original pieces of art but they are also different forms of art not just to be hung on the wall but used as well just like the handbags,” she added.
The usable art might be just what the art lovers might have ordered. You might not want to burn incense in the painted burner but it is still a piece of art.