Majlis Ash’shura committee discusses mechanisms to follow-up Tanfeedh

MUSCAT: The Majlis Ash’shura Economic and Financial Committee on Tuesday held its 6th meeting of the second annual sitting (2016/2017) for the 8th term under the chairmanship of Dr Saleh bin Said Musin, Head of the Committee.
The committee discussed the mechanism to follow-up the National Diversification Programme (Tanfeedh) and approved the action plan to follow-up the programme, which includes reviewing the draft laws and initiatives approved by Tanfeedh. The Committee also decided to follow-up the initiatives proposed by Tanfeedh and their implementation methods.
The Committee also reviewed the GCC trademarks draft law, which was referred by the Council of Ministers.
The committee identified the relevant authorities, which it will meet with to get better idea about the articles of the law and other issues that will help the committee in studying the draft law.
Meanwhile, Majlis Ash’shura’s Committee on Education and Scientific Research also held its 4th meeting of the 2nd annual sitting (2016-2017), headed by Khalid bin Yahya al Farie, Head of the Committee.
The committee hosted Mohammed bin Shamis al Rawahi, Head of Labour Union for the Education Sector along with the union’s officials and discussed issues related to public and private education in the Sultanate, especially the workers in the private education sector.— ONA