Majan Electricity holds meeting with govt officials

SUHAR, JULY 17 – Majan Electricity believes the importance of cooperation and communication with other government entities in order to provide better services to its customers, a meeting was held with the Director-General of the Municipalities of Al Dhahirah Governorate and the directors of the departments in the Wilayat of Ibri, Yanqul and Dhank at the Municipality of Ibri conference Hall.
The company represented at this meeting by the Director of Customer Affairs Services in Al Dhahirah Governorate, the Director of the Distribution Department, the supervisors of the offices of the customers affairs and the representative of the Security, Health and Safety Department. The meeting dealt with most of the topics and transactions associated between the company and the Ministry of Municipalities, which touch the daily life of the citizens.
Mohammed al Waili, Director of Customer Affairs Services in Al Dhahirah Governorate said that the main objective of the meeting was to open fast and easy communication channels between Majan Electricity and various other service sectors in the governorate, which will undoubtedly be the main transit station for the completion of all the projects sought by the management of the company. This meeting represents a major role in creating a healthy working environment and increasing cooperation between the company departments and government entities, which will have a prominent role in the development of services that will benefit the community and touch the aspirations of the citizens.
The most important outcome of the meeting is to activate the roles between the two parties and to identify the challenges and find the appropriate solutions to facilitate the service procedures, and also activate the continuous communication between both sides because of its tangible role in finding quick solutions and avoid the accumulation of problems.

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