Main roads in Dhofar reopen

MUSCAT, May 27 – The Ministry of Transport and Communications declared most of the main roads in Dhofar clear and accessible. As soon as the adverse weather conditions stopped, it deployed teams to all the affected areas in order to assess damages and began repair works.
The integrated efforts have succeeded in reopening 90 per cent of the main roads and services affected by floods.
Salalah Airport was reopened and it was not severely damaged while Port of Salalah is under evaluation.
“Most of the roads have been reopened and are operating as usual, while there are some tracks where sand got accumulated due to wadis we are working to tackle it”, Awadh al Sidairi, Director of Maintenance Department at the Ministry, said.
He confirmed that though Mirbat–Hasik and Thumrait-Marmul roads are still closed, roads to Salalah airport, Thumrait-Salalah, and Salalah-Mamora — Mirbat-Taqah are reopened.  “We also reopened Mamora tunnel which was flooded,” Al Sidairi added.

Zainab al Nassri