Magic Leap unveils its ‘One’ augmented reality headset

Magic Leap, the augmented reality startup founded in 2011 that first turned heads when it received a $500 million investment from Google three years ago, has finally unveiled a mixed reality headset named the Magic Leap One. The Magic Leap One is a system that utilises augmented reality, not virtual reality. In virtual reality, users are immersed in an entirely different world, but in augmented reality, digital components are integrated into the real world. The Magic Leap One is made up of three components, namely the glasses known as Lightwear, the external computer known as Lightpack, plus a handheld controller. Magic Leap claimed that the augmented reality system will accept various kinds of input, including voice commands, gestures, and eye tracking.

The Lightwear goggles will come in two sizes, with customers to be offered the option for customised padding for the forehead, temple, and nose. There are also plans to include prescription lenses into the goggles. Magic Leap invited Rolling Stone’s Glixel to try out some demonstrations of the Magic Leap One. The activities included visiting a science-fiction world that replaced real-world props with digital creations, creating and using objects such as television screens, and interacting with a virtual person. The Magic Leap One Creator Edition is said to be shipping sometime next year, with an SDK to be released first in early 2018.