Luban makes landfall in Yemen, rains to continue in Salalah today

Salalah, Oct 14 – Luban made a landfall in Yemen and turned into a depression, said the latest Met report, adding some areas of Dhofar still have chances of receiving rains on Monday. It said the unstable weather is likely to continue in the governorate for another 24 hours. Salalah recorded 11 mm rain (recorded at Salalah airport), while Sadah (70.8 mm) in the east and Dhalkout (89 mm) in the west saw the maximum amount of rainfall. Salalah is likely to see more rain on Monday too. “Luban has gone to Yemen but the weather will continue to be unstable in the Dhofar Governorate. We can expect rain in the next 24 hours. The tropical storm has now been downgraded to a depression,” said a source at the Met Office.
While confirming the sea will continue to be rough with a wave height of three to five metres, he said the fishermen need to be cautious.
Rains in eastern and western parts of Salalah caused most of the wadis to overflow. They were seen overflowing when Cyclone Mekunu had struck.
Heavy rains in Mughsayl and beyond on Saturday and Sunday caused flash floods in Raysut, which is close to Salalah city.
Following an alert about water coming from Mughsayl side and merging into Wadi Raysut, the Port of Salalah (PoS) decided to close in the morning, asking all its staff to evacuate. It reopened at 2 pm.
“After ensuring safety of the terminal, we resumed work at around 2 pm,” said Mohammed Aufait al Mashani, General Manager, Corporate Affairs, PoS.

Saeed, an employee of PoS, was waiting to have a glimpse of the water coming from Mughsail side. “This time, the volume of water is less compared with Mekunu.” Last time, water came from both sides — the sea and the mountain. This time, the flow was only from the mountain. “The damage is far less this time,” he said.
Residents of Salalah and businesses heaved a sigh of relief after hearing the storm had passed Salalah.
Gary Liang, Secretary to Managing Director of China Commercial Town (CCT), said he was worried about his commercial premises which had suffered extensive damage due to Cyclone Mekunu.
“There was a huge flow of water through windows and gates during Mekunu. Post-cyclone, we did full maintenance. When we heard another cyclone was approaching, I was worried,” said Liang.
“I am glad the storm passed without causing any damage to our premises.”
Patel, a resident of Al Quof, was equally relieved as Cyclone Mekunu had left his brand new car (it was just 20 days’ old) damaged due to water-logging near his house.
“By the grace of God, everything is fine now. Looks like things are normal in Salalah.”
Meanwhile, the Directorate-General of Education in Dhofar announced the resumption of classes in schools from Monday except in schools located in the wilayats of Rakhyout, Dhalkout and Harweeb and Al Ahqaf in the Wilayat of Al Mazyouna. — PHOTOS BY ona

Kaushalendra Singh & Lakshmi Kothaneth