Life is sweet and sour… experience it!

We are always trying to think of how to achieve our goals. How about if we look at it the other way around?
Let us visualise that you are living your dream or what you have always wished for has just happened, how would you feel?
How would we behave? What are the qualities in life that would change?
Having accomplished one such dream, invariably one understands that we are not the doer. We can put forward our efforts, hope for the best and try to make a balance between logic and imagination. But then you realise that things begin to fall into place naturally. We begin to meet the right people, people who knowingly or unknowingly iron out obstacles, inspire and encourage. In a conversation, I heard one of my friends ask the other, “How do we know whether it is destiny or should I keep trying?”
Maybe we are all born with a purpose and a reason. Maybe that is why we are born where we are — our surroundings teach us initially, then the place of education that influences us eventually depending on the pace of knowledge intake. It all depends on how quickly we learn to gather information. There are lot of instances where we confuse information with knowledge. Information is essential but if we do not distinguish the variables we might try to retain all of it as knowledge.
There are times when we have to train our minds to discard information that is not benefiting us. In fact, we are already in an age where we are overwhelmed with information. We want to wake up and wrap the day with social media round up. We are zoned out because in seconds we are moving from country to country ranging in subjects leave alone our personal social media.
Obviously there is a shift from personal information exchange to impersonal matter ranging from celebrity news to gossips. In the past if it was personal conversations or posts that had mattered online, where as now more and more people are intrigued by the information that is available across the globe. What is interesting is also the time and effort in contributing to the articles through comments, likes and shares. Quite often emotions are engaged.
It can all have a positive impact especially in the case of social causes, but the danger is when the online and offline lives vary distinctively. The other danger is being negative and stating comments never thinking it is only another human at the receiving end. Today, the social pressure is not from the immediate circle alone but from the online fraternity. There is so much going on that it is hard to even dedicate few minutes to one self, because do not forget most of the people have their own careers in addition to social duties. Somewhere along the self gets neglected which sets off the feeling of emptiness. On the other hand, imagine you are reading and consuming information that nurtures the mind — definitely the soul would bask in the glory. How would we differentiate? It is simple — anything that can uplift your mind leading to positive thoughts resulting in a good day is surely good stuff. The fact is words have that power in piercing through the mind to create connecting thoughts. Music has the same impact too.
So why not opt for an uplifting experience because the world’s truth is that life is sweet and sour. The flavour is never constant. And even if it was constant can you imagine how boring that would be. How many sweets would you be able to consume before you look for something spicy or salty? Don’t we crave for a dessert after a meal?
And isn’t it true that it is failure that triggers the urge to succeed?
So, is it just destiny or hard work? I will complicate it further by giving one more option — the right timing. When the timing is right everything will fall into place because it is meant to be. But we have to keep on trying. No effort is ever wasted.