Learning from life, drawing inspiration

We can see the world on our screen, whether it is the TV screen or the one on the mobile phone.
They say big men do not cry. But the World Cup has been all about emotions and we saw many cheeks going wet with tears rolling down — tears of joy and sorrow.
Emotions have been powerful, just like the sport. There have been surprises and upsets, with former champions leaving the arena for others to battle it out to retain their place in the World Cup. The fans cried too. But the show must go on.
Sometimes teams have struggled for an equaliser, as in the case of Brazil. It was historical as it was noted by experts that the last time Brazil trailed behind with two goals was decades ago.
Most football fans have their favourites when it comes to teams and the most likely team they have been supporting must have gone out of the tournament.
It seems the World Cup is setting the stage for a new crop of heroes. May the best team come out with its finest performance. As fans, we just have to celebrate that.
It is not easy being players who are on the world’s spotlight. But it is great to see the world united. To think that it is a sport that has been able to do that is wonderful.
Imagine all the wonderful messages that can be conveyed from the World Cup platform. There have been examples of sheer determination and skills that have helped teams reach where they are at the current stage.
Surely there would be more surprises and upsets, but that is the lesson we learn from the World Cup. Some of the teams like Belgium have shown how well they have been preparing as a team.
But the most beautiful letter that did the rounds was from Fifa President Gianni Infantino on behalf of international football community addressed to the Thai soccer boys (who have been trapped in the flooded Tham Luang Cave in the northern Thai province of Ching Rai), inviting them to attend the World Cup final in Moscow.
The letter touched our hearts. The world media has been following both these events closely. It will be an ultimate treat if the young soccer team along with their coach is able to make it to the final.
Would their parents want to be away from their young ones? Well, that is another issue all-together.
As for us, we are about to see the official start of Salalah Tourism Festival 2018. Tourists from the region have already been enjoying the summer capital of Oman with its pleasant weather, which has seen temperatures in the mid-20s with mist and drizzle.
As the coming days will see more visitors heading towards Salalah, the immediate worry is road safety as many tourists love to drive up to Salalah, no matter what the distance.
Let us concentrate more on keeping the roads safe and the vehicles too by driving with care on the slippery roads of the mountains and take ample rest before venturing out on the long drive.
Surely, the next few weeks, until August 25, the media, including social media, will be focused on Salalah Tourism Festival 2018. If you have been in Oman and have not reached Salalah yet, then this is the time for you to explore the land of frankincense as this year’s monsoon is “one of the best”.
So let the celebrations begin. And there is going to be football at Salalah Tourism Festival too.

Lakshmi Kothaneth