Knowledge Oman presents MVM award

MUSCAT: Knowledge Oman has awarded its distinguished team member Ali al Rahma with the Most Valuable Member award (MVM) for 2016, highlighting his notable achievements in the past year as a vice-president heading the seminars knowledge-sharing initiative.
Rym Aoudia, along with Tariq al Barwani, presented Ali al Rahma with the MVM trophy, expressing, “We are honoured to award the MVM appreciating leading qualities of positively serving, contributing to growth, and generously giving back to society.
“Ali al Rahma has demonstrated these qualities and continues to push for growth within the team and community impact. Such recognition further boosts personal and community growth that is fundamental to accelerating progress in the country.”
The competitive annual MVM award recognises team contributions and encourages talent in the country who are regarded as role models in the community. Knowledge Oman has attracted a diverse team leading various initiatives that impact a difference in society.
Ali al Rahma successfully led the seminars initiative as the Vice-President of KO Seminars in Knowledge Oman while building the team of the initiative.
The seminars are an open knowledge-sharing platform that bring together different expertise under one roof to benefit society with learning, networking and growth opportunities.
Al Rahma graduated with two MBAs from Ashland University in the US.