Juma prayers held amid cyclone threat

Friday, 2:40 p.m,  Salalah: People of Dhofar region, Salalah in particular, offered their Friday special prayers amid tensions of Mekunu gripped the governorate.

Currently, the hurricane is located some 100 kilometres away from Salalah coastal area. It has gained speed by 85-90 knots.

Meanwhile, the wind got stronger as more than 5,000 people from the low-lying areas were evacuated in nearly 2 hours today morning.

Rehabilitation camps are supplied with essentials, foods, beds, mats and water at the various schools thanks to the NGO’s and other good samaritans.

The preparatory efforts are spearheaded by PACDA and Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of Manpower officials.

“Necessary provisions, foods and iftar foods are all arranged and sent to the camps where people are put up”, Nasser Peringathoor, an active social worker said, adding, “We are waiting for the instructions of the Ministry of Manpower and the Chamber of Commerce officers who are controlling the efforts”.

Several families stuck in central Salalah have been evacuated and shifted to high-lying areas and schools and mosques.

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