ISWK hosts software development contest

MUSCAT: Indian School Al Wadi Al Kabir has hosted the first-ever Interschool Software Development Competition-Acuity 2017 with a view to promote software development skills in ICT among the students of Indian schools in Oman.
Biren Patel of the SMC, who is also the Chairperson of Information and Technology Committee; and Binay Shukla, esteemed member of the SMC, inaugurated the event as guests of honour.
The competition was adjudicated by Chandrashekhar Jajware, CIO of the Khimji Ramdas group, IT operations; Swapnil Morande, specialist in systems and e-business management at Majan College; and Dr Anu Manchanda, Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Waljat College of Engineering. A total of 8 teams from Indian schools, IS Muscat, IS Seeb, IS Mabela, IS Muladha, IS Salalah, IS Al Ghubra participated in the software development contest.
The participating teams were named after various android versions like Oreo, KitKat, Eclair, Marshmallow, Donut, Jellybean, Cupcake and Honeycomb.
In its four rounds, first came the game development round, where students had to display their coding skills. Additionally, the participants were quizzed by the judges who put to test their logical and computing skills.
In the subsequent three rounds — which included the ocular round, the buzzer round and the rapid-fire round — Quiz Master for the event, Jagadeesh Patil, HOD of the ICT department, ISWK tested the mettle of the participating teams for their expertise in the field of IT.
After four rounds of intense competition, Team ‘Marshmallow’ comprising of Elton John, Soham Parekh and Sarthak Bawal of the host school emerged champions.
Team ‘Cupcake’ comprising of Rutwik, Vignesh and Jeswin from ISG took home the ‘runners-up’ trophy.
The dream of the ICT department had finally been executed seamlessly with the help of technical support provided by the host school’s Team ‘Sparc’, the real processors behind the grand success of the event.