In A nutshell


Heather Duncan
894141Hey, I’m Heather Duncan and I’m a Wife, Mom and Adventure Blogger from Scotland based in Oman. Growing up I was never an active kid, my passion for the outdoors and sports didn’t ignite until after the birth of my son 3 years ago and I began to see the world in a different way. Our bodies are amazing machines if we treat them right, My aim is to be fitter, stronger and healthier than before. I believe that it is so important to encourage people, especially the younger generation, that it is important to lead an active, fun and healthy life. I’m proud to be a part of the UB-Cool team because they are not only promoting an adventurous and active life, they are raising money for Epilepsy awareness which is a very deserving cause.

LeAnne George
894142Hi my name is LeAnne George, I’m an Indian born— Omani raised, rugby girl is what I usually come across at. I enjoy travelling and have had the opportunity to do some really amazing things, like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and backpack around Sri Lanka and Europe, however, for all I get out of life I also believe in giving back — For this reason I studied International Development at University, worked as a volunteer for Red Cross and climbed Kilimanjaro in support of Dig Deep. This run however is for dear ones — I have seen the devastating effects that epilepsy can have on people’s lives, but also witnessed the possibility people with epilepsy have to reach their full potential when supported by charities such as UB-Cool. This is why I want to run this marathon together with raising awareness for epilepsy — to help people overcome their obstacles and give them the support they need to reach their potential.

Devang Sampat
894140Hi I’m Devang Sampat, and I’m running my family business in Oman. I’m also an avid fan of any cardio-based activity. The adrenaline rush after a great morning run is unbelievable and helps me stay fresh and motivated through my day at work and after. I discovered my passion for running once I moved back to Oman from the UK where I completed my education. Since then I have participated in a number of marathons, triatholons, & the recent Spartan Race in Oman, and I hope I can inspire my newly born daughter to take up these challenges herself one day. My knowledge about Epilepsy was limited until I got involved with this cause, making this marathon all the more special.  It has been fabulous to associate  myself with UB-Cool and their tireless effort to spread awareness about Epilepsy.