Illegal firm raided in Barka

Barka: The Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) raided expatriate workers roasting coffee and nuts and preparing spices in an unauthorized factory in Barka.

The raid was carried out by consumer protection inspectors in cooperation with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the Public Prosecution.

As per the details, the directorate of consumer protection in Barka received a tip-off that expat workers are involved in an illegal activity at a farm in Barka. The inspectors verified the information following an investigation and evidence collection and then sought search warrant from the Directorate of Public Prosecution in Barka.

A team of inspectors cracked down on the farm and found a number of expat workers in possession of illegal products. They used to roast and grind coffee as well as prepare nuts and pack them in new bags carrying labels with incomplete information.

They sold the products without an official authorization in an environment that lacks health and hygiene safety standards. The items seized included 48 sacks of coffee of different brands, 312 coffee cans, a number of cooking oil containers (18 litre), 150 kg of garlic, 130 kg of chili powder, 90 kg of curcuma, 28 kg of honey, 17 bottles of coriander, in addition to quantities of peanuts and barbecue spices and cinnamon and cumin.

They also found a large number of containers, sacks, plastic bags and labels, grinders, a laser printer, gas cylinders and other items used for making fake products.

Yusuf bin Ahmed al Riyami, director of consumer protection in Barka said the case file was referred to the public prosecution after it has been completed. He added that the investigation revealed that these illegal activities are run by an Omani citizen and he is the owner of the illegal factory.

Unfortunately, such illegal activities happen in rented farms and always there are no legal agreement between the two parties.