Ibra Hospital receives over 800 cases during Eid

MUSCAT: Dr Saleh bin Salem Al Sawwafi (pictured), Director of Ibra Hospital in North Al Sharqiyah Governorate, said that Ibra Hospital received over 800 cases during Eid Al Adha holiday for 2017. He pointed out that 25 cases resulting from traffic accidents have been admitted to the emergency department, in addition to 30 surgeries and 38 natural and ccaesarean deliveries during the Eid holidays.
The clinical occupancy rate in the internal departments of the hospital was 65 per cent. The total number of laboratory tests was 6390, while the number of patients who underwent regular medical imaging was 505 and CT scans was 38.
Meanwhile, the number of blood donors was more than 80 during the holidays. Dr Saleh pointed out the the staff of the hospital tirelessly worked to provide therapeutic and medical services.