Humour all pervasive at poetry event in Salalah

Humour was all pervasive at a recently concluded event organised by the Hindi Wing of the Indian Social Club Salalah. A group of poets from India made the poetry lovers roar into laughter through their humorous poetry all through two-and-a-half hour programme.

The star of the event was renowned Hindi poet Dr Kumar Vishvas, who touched all aspects of life in a lighter vein. Dr Vishvas has given numerous performances worldwide and is a very famous and favourite poet among Hindi poetry lovers. He was successful in forwarding serious messages through humour and made the audience clap even though most of the serious messages were directed towards them.
The event titled Hasya Kavi Sammelan (humourous poetry gathering) spared none and targeted the system, the politics and even shifting human values, which are changing at a fast pace in the name of modernisation and development.
The best part of the event was positivity all around and everyone at the Hamdan Plaza Hotel’s venue of the event was laughing and clapping at every drop of punch given by the poets.
Other poets who graced the occasion included Prakashchandra Tolaram Dokwal, Gaurav Sharma, Ramesh Chand Sharma and Mumtaz Fatma.
The chief guest on the occasion was Shaikh Ahmed Abdullah al Rawas, Director General Minister’s Office at Diwan of Royal Court, while the programme was conducted by the Hindi Wing Convener Dr Prit Pal Singh and the Wing’s Culture Secretary Dr Kuldeep Sahrawat.
Dr Singh expressed happiness over successful organisation of the annual calendar programme, for which people wait and take part with enthusiasm. Being a medical practitioner and a cardiologist by profession, he appealed to everyone to be happy and never miss an opportunity to laugh.
“It is very important for all of us to be happy, as in today’s world of consumerism everyone has some problem or the other. One should try to be light, be happy and laugh at any given opportunity. It gives a positive boost to your heart,” he said while giving a doctorly advise.
The poets altogether appreciated the audience of Salalah for their art of listening and appreciating good poetry and thanked the Hindi Wing of the Indian Social Club Salalah for organising such a wonderful programme.
Once all the poets were seated on the dais, Dr Vishvas, who was also the moderator, started off in right earnest. He seemed to overtake many Indian political figures in race of humour. He came as the last poet of the evening and targeted every aspect of life, mainly the Indian political system through his humorous poetries.

Kaushalendra Singh