How to handle a husband

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Today I am in the mood of telling all wives the things that they should do if they want to handle their husbands successfully. There are some secrets that most wives don’t know about their husbands. You need to handle a husband in a certain manner if you want him to follow your ways or do something for you. So if you are blessed to be a wife, and would like something to be done by your man, do not ask in a way that he will perceive it as an order.
I say perceive because if your husband has an inferiority complex, even a simple harmless request can be misunderstood as a declaration of war. Men are still struggling to let go their old warrior habits and role dynamics towards their wives.
Let’s take this scenario as an example; say your husband happens to be a friend to men who, normally, creep into their houses in the small hours of the night. These so called husbands return home late and open the main door very quietly and then slowly make their way towards the bedroom door. Like burglars, they open the bedroom door praying that they find their wives deep asleep. Then they penetrate into the room and then into their blankets. And because of this, you do not like those friends of his and, in your wisdom, your family would be better off without the company of these anti-progress friends.
If you ordered that he either stops hanging out with them or face the consequences, chances are that he will not give in even if you are a black belt. But if you explain in a nice manner and plead with openness and remind him of your love and how his scaling down of the relationship would effectively demonstrate his love for you, I am sure he will listen to you.
Another way of handling a husband is to praise him; men like to be praised. They like that high public admiration, fame, respect, merit and glory. So make him know that you realize his position of honor. Men crave to be honors to their families so give them the credit and distinction for that matter. These praises, if done professionally, are designed to bring the best out of the man instinctively.
It is also crucial to understand your husband. Handling a man isn’t easy but one needs to learn men. In normal circumstances men easily agree without a fight. They love to be a source of recognition. They are medal lovers. If you give them the medals that they want, you will win them. The trick here is to use your soft voices rather than orders. I can assure you that handling a man is as easy as tying shoe laces. Men dislike being ordered around. If you need something from them; all you need to do is explain in an imploring manner, in all manner of vulnerability.
In short, like anything else, you need to handle a man well if you want to get him on your board. Learn the process and you will bring the best out of him instinctively. Good luck!