Housewives’ 100-metre-long tribute to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos

MUSCAT, Nov 19 – A group of housewives have paid a novel tribute to Oman and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos on the 48th National Day: a 100-metre-long stitched national flag. The flag, stitched by some ten housewives from Eint village, has been a major attraction for people visiting the coastal village just next to Darsait. The flag, the result of a week-long hard work, is on display around a building here. Some children have also chipped in making the flag. “The children helped in flying the flag on top of the building”, said Amna Haddad al Qasimi, the key person behind its making.

Besides Amna, her neighbours — Fatma Ibrahim al Qasimi, Maryam Suwaid al Owaisi, Nasra Darwish al Wuhaibi, Sameera Marhoon al Hasani, Nadiya Taeb al Yahyai, Khadeeja Juma al Hamdani, and Haleema Nasser al Dugaishi —spent hours each day in making the flag. Their children, Ikhlas Naser al Mansoori, Nasra Waleed al Wuhaibi, Saleh Waleed, Wujood al Siyabi, Gazal, Farha Abdul Malak al Battashi, Abdurahiman and Shareefa Mohammed, spared their evenings in helping their mothers.

While Farha came up with the plan, Wujood and Haleema designed it. Gazal and Shareefa selected materials for the flag. It was at Ikhlas’ house that the women discussed the project and assembled the materials. “I believe this flag may be the largest made by housewives from a neighbourhood to express their gratitude to His Majesty,” said Fatma. The flag project has helped them rediscover their skills, which they had not used so far because of their familial responsibilities. “This flag project has helped us brush up on our skills. We are confident that together we can take up bigger tasks in life,” said Maryam.