How to get magazine-ready retro look

Whenever we see models in magazine covers, some of the questions we usually have in our heads are: Can this be something that I can do? Would this make-up or style work on me? How do I achieve it?
I’ve always loved fashion. I love how the little details — from makeup to hair styling, to the clothes — all come together to create a statement. Fashion over the years has been used for different purposes but one of its core tenets has always been to empower women.
When I was tapped by the Lifestyle Editor of Oman Daily Observer to create this weekly column, one of the discussions we have is for this segment to become an avenue for women to talk about things we love the most. The idea is to break down international beauty trends and make it accessible for local women.
For this week, I’d like to start by getting that retro-look right and I highly encourage you to do the same. One of the learning experience from this shoot is that — Don’t be afraid to mix and match. The end result should please you.
While going through some of the portrait photography pages on Instagram, I came across this model in a vintage car with an exceptional 70’s look and an adorable red bandana, which I wanted to achieve with variations of our own.
I picked Gazala to be my makeup artist and Ashbea, a youthful and energetic photographer who constantly attempted to try new things, to be my photographer.
Netizens were a part of the planning process. We showed them the inspiration picture and asked them to help us pick some of the details that would go into the shoot.
In the end, they had us convinced that the Myth’s scarf, a scarf with vivid shades of purple and two blue phoenixes blending with its hues to be used for the shoot. They also helped us decide with what car — a selection between a red mini-cooper and a yellow beetle— to use that give the vintage vibe.
We did two looks.
For the Red Look, I paired a white Hermes t-shirt and Zara patent faux leather leggings, with a Bershka black and red bomber Jacket with a pair of black extreme point heeled Chelsea boots from Bershka.
For the Yellow Look, I paired the same white Hermes t-shirt and Zara patent faux leather leggings, with the Adidas Original Passaredo Track Jacket with a pair of Adidas Original Tubular Dawn leather-trimmed mesh sneakers.
The result is a vintage combination that is pleasing to the eye. What do you think?

Hasna Annacot