Higher Education Scholarship committee reviews progress

MUSCAT: The Scholarship Committee at the Ministry of Higher Education held on Monday its 3rd meeting under the chairmanship of Dr Abdullah bin Mohammed al Sarmi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education. The meeting discussed the 1,106 applications received during the period from January 10 to 22, 2017 from internal scholarships’ students to change the university they are studying at. The committee approved 754 applications and dismissed the remaining applications as they failed to meet the required norms. The committee also rejected the applications for which the higher education institutions did not provide a response during the stipulated period.

The committee also considered 719 applications that have been received from January 1 to February 23, 66 per cent of these applications were submitted by internal scholarships students compared to 30 per cent by the foreign scholarships students and 4 per cent by the postgraduate education students. 28 per cent of the foreign scholarships students’ applications were related to extending the period of study. The meeting also reviewed the statistics of the committee during the past period. The committee considered 1,535 applications in 2014 compared to 4,468 applications in 2016. — ONA

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