Here’s to the New Year

Have you got your New Year resolutions ready — the lose two stone, quit the bad habits, start training from the Muscat half marathon so you can whizz round come race day. Perhaps it’s something a little harder like turning into superwomen — don’t be setting yourself unrealistic targets, we need to stick to our New Year resolutions. Only 8 per cent of us actually succeed in our New Year resolutions — I so want to be one of those — and a staggering quarter of us make and fail at the SAME resolution each year. One year I had 6 resolutions — talk about setting myself up for disaster. So what can we do to give ourselves the best chance to success? Here some tips:
 Setting a goal that is unachievable causes stress and overwhelming feelings in the brain, making it very unlikely that we will even start working towards it in the first place let alone achieve it. The key is to set yourself a goal that takes you a few steps outside your comfort zone.
 Break your goals down into small chunks. This means that each time you achieve a small chunk of the journey towards your goal, you feel a sense of achievement and motivates you to take further action.
 At this time of year many people’s focus is on being fitter and healthier but understanding why this is important is key to your motivation. It’s not enough to say I want to lose a stone. You need to understand why that is important to you. Whatever your goal is, keep asking yourself why until you get to the real point of the issues, because that is what will keep you motivated.
 Making a small change that can be repeated often throughout the day is more likely to stick and become a lasting behaviour. So if you want to do 100 sit-ups a day, set yourself a goal of doing 10 sit-ups every time you boil the kettle! Our brain learns through repetition so the more we repeat something the quicker it will get as a habit in our brain.
 Along with eating the right foods, rest is essential to restore our brain energy and our willpower. So make sure you get plenty of shut eye to keep you on track.
There are loads of ways to make your New Year’s resolutions durable and for you to succeed but those are the ones to make help you start off and help to maintain them that comes to mind.
We all have our own challenges and tasks we want to complete and succeed in, so go slowly and remember you have all year to fine-tune the resolutions. It doesn’t mean you have to stop come March time.
There will be loads of changes in the New Year, not just resolutions. May it be a prosperous and healthy one for you. All the best now and always.

Sayeh Woodman