Have fun but take life seriously too

Lakshmi Kothaneth –
lakshmiobserver@gmail.com –

It is that time of the year when children are preparing for their board exams, whose conclusion will see them step out into the real world.
Do not know who is more stressed-out — the parents or the children. The young ones are full of energy and dreams, while the parents are full of hope and fear. What comes next is detrimental for the future. That is what they think, but actually may not.
The world is replete with examples of individuals who did a turnaround. Having said that, it is important to note that time is precious. The more we delay in making major decisions in life, the more we lose out on time because time is something that can never be gained again. Not even money can bring it back.
Maybe we should look at the years after schooling as a path towards growth. We need to look at every experience as an opportunity that would lead us to further growth and ensure employability.
It is easy to comment when you are not the parent of a teenager who is about to complete his/her schooling.
Parents try everything possible to guide but in a gentle manner lest the teenagers lose patience. Parents are anxious because they want their young ones to study well for the exams and make a decision on the path towards higher education.
The reality is that the 12 years that children spend after kindergarten under the care of parents and teachers, ends in the twelfth year. Now, they are a young adult, expected to make that major decision that would shape his/her future.
It is best if the student makes the choice because it is the student who has to live his/her life.
The stress boils down to employability that match with expectations of what the society defines as success. We have all gone through it. We know the hurdles that are awaiting them.
Parents also go through a transformation. Their budgets take a few twists. Higher education, after all, is expensive. At the same time, they try to prepare themselves for the vacuum that is going to be left behind once the young ones leave the nest.
But the child’s evolution does not stop here. After school, it is higher studies, depending on the qualifications they want to attain. It is the most beautiful part of life as long as they can stay away from distractions.
Maybe this is what parents should focus on more. Schools in the past are stressed on moral science classes, but today the focus is more on general knowledge.
In the long run, at every step and decision-making process, what would be vital are the principles in life, which is best given by the family at a young age.
Eventually children will learn not to expect anything from anybody. The rosy days of best friends will turn towards practicality. The good thing is they will become stronger and wiser. Have fun but take life seriously. Remember, life does not always give you a second chance.
For now, it is exam schedule that is on the minds of parents, but soon it will be college exams, graduation and move from school bells ringing to wedding bells ringing, followed by children until the cycle begins all over again.
Parents will gain experience from what they have gone through. Most importantly, they will know that today this moment is what matters. Maybe just like the schools give mock exams, it might be a good idea that we all adapt it in real life.
So enjoy this part of life’s journey. After all, it is indeed an achievement. You have reached this far and continue to hope for the best. Children pick parents’ vibes, best of teachers say.