Grilled tenderloin steak with asparagus, baby potato

200 gm twenderloin steak
20 ml Olive oil
Koshar Salt & Black pepper, as per taste
4-5 stalk Asparagus
2 leaves slices Whole garlic bulb, cut into two
1 medium Tomato
5-6 baby potato, boiled, cut into two
1 Rosemary
10 ml Veal jus

About 15 minutes before grilling, remove the steak from the refrigerator and let sit.
Season steak with salt and pepper. Prepare grill or grill pan and place on a medium-high heat fire.
Brush meat lightly with olive oil. Place steak on the grill for about 4 minutes and cook without moving until nice grill marks appear.
Turn the steak and continue to grill. Once you acquired the ideal ‘doneness,’ set a side on a plate to rest for 3-4 minutes before serving.
Meanwhile, in another pan, heat the oil and pan seared garlic bulb, asparagus, tomato and potatoes along with rosemary leaves.
Season with salt and pepper as per taste.
Heat and season veal jus.
Arrange asparagus on plate. Put steak on it and arrange vegetables on plate. Pour the veal jus on steak and serve.
Garnish with rosemary.

Many people just buy beef meat without knowing what parts they are buying. The truth is, they can be confusing. How can you, in fact, differentiate a rib steak from a t-bone steak right?
While there are a lot of things to learn about meat cut, we provide you here the very basic. It is important to know which part you are buying as they have an effect on cooking time as well as the temperature you need to use to cook them.
For example, the chuck, which is taken on the shoulder part of an animal can be tough, so they are best when braised or cooked in liquid at long temperature for a few hours. The rib meat, on the other hand, is usually best for steaks and roasts while the loin part, the most tender of all parts, are best when cooked medium rare.
If this chart pique your interest, do a few more reading on the Internet so as not to waste your favourite meat cut. Nobody likes eating dry if not burnt meat so it makes sense to pay a little bit more of attention.
Chef Ajay
With over two decades of culinary experience, Chef Ajay Dhoundiyal is currently the Executive Chef of the culinary team of Park Inn by Radisson Muscat Hotel, a post he has been holding since September 2012.
Specialising in international cuisine, his mission is to bring something interesting to his banquet menus.
Highly creative, detail oriented with a strong work ethic and a passion for the culinary arts, he likes to challenge himself daily seamlessly managing the dining experience of hotel guests and at the same time cultivating his and that of his team’s skills and talents in the kitchen.