‘Green Wadis’ initiative launched

The National Field Research Centre for Environmental Conservation at Diwan of Royal Court (NFRCEC) launched on Thursday the eco initiative ‘Green Wadis’ by planting 600 seedlings of wild trees in Wadi Al Ansab, Bausher, in cooperation with more than 150 participants from government and private entities, civil associations as well as students and locals of the wilayat.

The participants were introduced to the proper farming methods and then divided into 10 groups and distributed to cover the area of the wadi. They started with cleaning the place, making it free of residues and waste. They were also educated about their role as individuals in combating the phenomenon of desertification in the Sultanate, and the importance of preserving the system of the Omani environment and the conservation of natural resources to ensure sustainability.
‘Green Wadis’ initiative is conducted with the participation of 19 organisations, and it targets all wadis in the Sultanate. The national centre has taken up the national initiative because it is one of the scientific research centres in the Sultanate specialised in the environmental aspect. The initiative also comes in the wake of the centre’s interest in protecting green cover in the Sultanate and also to work for preserving Oman’s wild trees from deterioration and extinction.
The centre seeks to involve various governmental and private bodies, civil society organisations and the local community in the planning and implementation processes. With these efforts combined, the centre has succeeded in previous studies and environmental research in the field of conserving wild life in the region of Jebel al Akhdhar and Jebel Shams, and its study on the eco systems of fresh water in the Sultanate.

Zainab al Nassri