Government Performance Accelerators programme turns a new leaf

The graduation of the first batch of the ‘Leadership Accelerators’ was celebrated at Kempinski Al Mouj Hotel on Thursday. The event, presided over by Minister of Civil Service Shaikh Khalid bin Omar al Marhoon, also witnessed the launch of the second version of the national project of Government Performance Accelerators.

The national project for Government Performance Accelerators aims at increasing the level of competitiveness by accelerating the pace of government services and the process of developing them through building competencies to achieve clients’ satisfaction.
The Ministry of Civil Service organised the programme in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration, the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and the Establishment of Altaaat for the Development of Leaders, with the support of a number of government agencies and private sector institutions. Around 52 supervisors participated in the project from different private and governmental agencies.

The programme serves as a platform through which the community can be involved in innovative projects. The programme includes many meetings with leading personalities to share their career experiences.
It aims at encouraging government employees to adopt innovative solutions to accelerate the work of the beneficiaries and enable them to employ digital solutions that accelerate and facilitate the services provided to beneficiaries.
Other objectives of the programme are: Building the required national competencies and equipping them with the necessary skills to implement the current and future government projects, empowering the administrative and leadership in the government units to enhance their abilities to provide the necessary support for their employees when implementing innovative projects.
The ceremony marked the graduation of the first batch of leadership accelerators. The first year programme included 10 teams from different institutions which worked according to the transformation methodology set by the Information Technology Authority. The one-year programme divided the work into four stages. The projects follow the methodology of “projects-based learning” where participants are asked to use all available learning resources to gain the skills and abilities they need to work on projects and solve the problems and difficulties they face. It differs from traditional teaching methods and is more challenging for participants, yet more effective.
A large number of participants proved their determination and persistence in these projects. The three winning projects are: “Our handicrafts” for the Public Authority for crafts industry in the third place, “Ruwad” for the Ministry of Housing in the second place and “competitors” for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in the first place.
The National Project for Government Performance Accelerators was first launched on April 11 and continued until June 28, 2018, during which the meeting was held once a week, where a leadership lesson is covered every time.