Gird up for the tough world out there!

It’s a very tough world out there,” says Mohammed al Habib, the founder and CEO of Bouzganda Trading (formerly Bylasan Technical Trade), a unique group of three companies each with its distinctive business but which together complement each other.
Bouzganda Trading is the product of four students who graduated from Injaz, a programme that helps Omanis to train and start their own businesses. “We did not win in the programme but we did not stop there and eventually opened our own company in Knowledge Oasis Muscat,” Al Habib explained.
Their initial plan is to start a school bus management system solution but “it did not go the way we wanted”. Since then, the entrepreneurs have focused on areas where they see high potential.
Bouzganda Trading is composed of three divisions: Bouzganda IT Solutions, which focuses on mobile app development, websites development, ERP systems, management systems solutions for schools, stores and shops; Bouzganda Designs which specializes in interior design and décor, branding and 3D design; and Bouzganda Technologies which focuses on LED outdoor ADV screens, solar panel solutions VR systems, planetarium domes and domes in general.
“We chose the technology field because there are no limitations in what you can do and there is always a space to create new solutions and eventually grow. We will be celebrating our 5th anniversary on June 6,” Al Habib said.

Starting a business is hard, but what many entrepreneurs find is that building a business is just as tricky, says the young entrepreneur. “The most challenging part happens during the start-up of the company. We had difficulty building the company culture and image but eventually we survived in the market. There is also the challenge of competing with big companies in getting projects and with customers who had no idea about what we actually do — hence consuming much of our time.”
Teamwork and a bit of perseverance helped the company through its initial difficulties. “We try to understand our customers in the best way possible before working on their projects,” Al Habib noted.
“What makes us unique? Teamwork, creativity, deadlines and the passion and energy of young entrepreneurs to make a better Oman is what make us unique. We try to apply each one of these things in every project we do which gives us a huge space to innovate and make the most out of the time we have as well as adding the Omani flavour and style to most of the things we create.”
His advice to future entrepreneurs: “If you are not willing to fail, then don’t even bother starting your own business. It’s a very tough world out there, so be ready to fight.
Also stay close to God and your family, you will need them the most. And lastly, give back to the society as much as you can, because all the blessings have come from God,” the CEO concluded.