Fund to back women’s businesses

Muscat, Oct 4 – Aiming at backing women in all fields, the first international fund to support Arab women was launched in the Sultanate recently.
Backed by Women’s Commission for Development, the fund, based in the Sultanate, is expected to promote women’s businesses in general, and rural women’s enterprises in particular, in all the Arab countries. Rural women play an effective role in sustainable development in the country. The number of Omani women working in agriculture and livestock stands at 65.5 per cent, most of whom belong to the low income families and depend on farm production for a living.
“We need to support those women whose roles are usually away from media glare. We need to promote them but before that, we should admit they are contributing greatly to the economy,” said Ruqia al Maani, an entrepreneur.
At a time when civilisation and development are touching all aspects of life, rural women are still playing a key role in supporting their families. They practise different kinds of professions, including poultry farming, sheep and goat-breeding, bee-keeping, farming, and food and milk production, besides activities such as handicrafts and sewing.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, offers women support in using best marketing methods and helps them showcase their products inside the Sultanate and abroad.

Zainab al Nassri