French explorer to take on the Empty Quarter

--------5As an explorer, French Gauthier Toulemonde has been to different countries — from the tropical paradise of Indonesia, to the concrete jungle of Singapore and even to the wide expanse of the charming and historic Namibia. Soon, he will embark on another great adventure right here in Oman and he will be making his trip accessible to his online followers.
“I was in Oman two years ago with my family, and we have visited Muscat, Bidiya, and Al Sharqiya Sands, where the idea of desert-crossing had sparkled in my mind,” Gauthier shared.
“And here I am today.”
In the coming weeks, this business and economics expert, CEO of press company called Timbropresse, will be crossing the challenging yet remarkable Empty Quarter.
A member of the Society of French Explorers, Gauthier has been interested in documenting his travels in the form of digital films.

Kicking off from
Wilayat of Adam
The French explorer will start his journey from Adam crossing the Empty Quarter on a camel, heading to Abu Tubool in the depth of the desert with the company of Ahmed Bin Hareb Al Mahrooqi, an Omani traveler.
Once they reached the area, Ahmed will leave Gauthier alone with his dog and they will continue on their journey heading towards Bidiya on his camel crossing Al Sharqiya Sands where he will head to the coast of the Arabian Sea, the sandy beaches overlooking the Indian Ocean, and Ras Ruwais area.
Asked why he’d like to embark on this journey, Gauthier said, “It had all started when I first visited Al Shaqiya Sands 2 years ago. I was inspired by the natural Omani landscapes where I found peace of mind. I am looking forward to sharing my unusual experience and get people to live it with me.”
“My aim is to show the connection between human beings and nature, how we can live isolated in the wild, facing different kinds of challenges and learn to live peacefully with nature while communicating with the world through social media and at the same time using the solar or green power,” he said.

Bringing the desert to social media
Many organisations are supporting the French explorer in his adventure such as the Ministry of Tourism, External Representation Office of the Ministry of Tourism in Paris, Omantel, Oman Central Post Office, Paris post office, Timbropresse Magazine, Huts Company among others.
Gauthier’s Empty Quarter journey will make Oman accessible to a global audience and would serve as a promotion of adventures and desert-crossing tourism in the Sultanate.
Updates on Gauthier’s journey will be uploaded on his Facebook account Web Robison or through the website
A press conference will be held after Gauthier successfully finishes his adventure to highlight the details of what he has seen and experienced. He will also produce a promotional film — a documentation of his adventures directed by Amir Khattab of Huts Company.
Gauthier also plans to send 600 postcards with Omani stamps carrying pictures of His Majesty and Oman’s tourism attractions to his friends.
As Gauthier is the Editor-in-Chief of the international stamps magazine Timbres, he will share with his readers these stamps as a souvenir.