French explorer narrates his ‘desert life’

MUSCAT: In a press conference, which was organised by the Ministry of Tourism on Monday, French explorer Gauthier Toulemonde narrated his experience in crossing the Omani deserts namely the Empty Quarter and Al Sharqiyah Sands during the past two months. He documented the experience in a TV promotional film that will be displayed and distributed during the media campaign he will launch to promote his travels and adventures. He pointed out that the main aim of this exploration journey is to promote for the adventure tourism and crossing the Omani deserts through publishing the details of the journey on the social networks and interacting with followers through the social networks.

980479-02He also said that he was interacting with his followers through the images and daily briefing he used to publish through the satellite communication networks. He noted that he used the solar panels to charge the lighting batteries and get the energy he needs. He added that the selection of the Omani desert comes in a bid to convey the real picture about man and nature and how man can live alone and face the tough environmental challenges to live. He affirmed that the experience has been an opportunity to show how man can use modern communications technologies anywhere in the world using the green energy for environment friendly energy, such as solar energy.

It should be noted that the French explorer’s adventure was supported and promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, the Foreign Representative Office of the Ministry of Tourism in Paris, Omantel, Oman Central Post Office, Paris Post Office, Timbropresse Magazine and Huts Company. — ONA