Fire games steal the limelight

922452By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: Feb. 8 – The performers playing with fire are drawing most crowds at both venues of the Muscat Festival this year. Specially flown in from Russia, these men and women have left the visitors awestruck with their performances, which also include flamethrowing. “I have been performing fire games at the festival for the third year in a row. More people have started coming to watch our performances,” said Micheal, the leader of the 12-member troupe.

One of the daring stunts involved whirling of the fire balls while the women dance to the “beating of the firedrums”. “It’s amazing and, at times, scary to see how they play with flames,” said a visitor. “I still don’t understand how they produce fire after gulping benzene,” added another. Tens of thousands of people have visited the festival venues so far. Once it concludes, the Tour of Oman will kick off from February 14.