Festival of India kicks off today at OSFA hall

958395The Indian Embassy in cooperation with the Omani Society of Fine Arts (OSFA) will launch the first ever ‘Festival of India’ in Oman on March 20, 2017 and will run until March 25 at the premises of OSFA. Over 40 pieces of calligraphic work, artistically inscribed with selected verses from Holy Quran, will be showcased at the exhibition. Among the calligraphic works which will be exhibited are: Folio from 7th century Quran in Kufic script attributed to Hazrat Ali (R.A.), folio from 8th century Quran in Kufic script attributed to Imam JafarSadiq, 16th century Quran decorated with gold on the orders of Mughal Emperor Akbar, 12th-18th century manuscript folio written within gold floral jidwal, and a folio from 9th century Quran in Kufic script attributed to Imam Raza, among others.
The exhibition is brought to Oman by Rampur Raza Library, which is a treasure house of Indo Islamic learning and arts. It was setup in 1774 by erstwhile Ruler of Rampur State, Nawab Faizullah Khan, who ruled the State up to 1794. His inherited collection of valuable manuscripts, historical documents, Mughal miniature paintings, books and other works of art kept in Toshakhana formed the nucleus of the Library. Later, Nawab Muhammad Yusuf Ali Khan ‘Nazim’ invited well known calligraphers, illuminators and binders from Kashmir and other parts of India to Rampur to produce works of Calligraphy. The later Nawabs continued to enrich the collection.