Fest of fun and learning

Oman Science Festival 2017 drew crowds on Saturday at Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The exhibition includes experiments and models in natural sciences, mathematics, energy and transportation, engineering systems and environment. The Science Corner displays thirty-seven activities and experiments.

These include the children’s medical club, electricity generation using renewable energy, first aid and microscopic discoveries, simple chemistry, simulation of fossils, geology of Oman, seismic way of detecting underground and earth sciences. The corner also shows off ways of identifying microorganisms affecting fish products, extraction and examination of phytoplankton and fauna among other activities and experiments.

The Mathematics Corner contains ten activities, such as discover the death train secrets, math secrets, MathAlive, mathematics and technology, simple statistical studies, mathematics and intelligence, as well as other mathematical puzzles and tricks.
The Scientific Research Council aims to introduce various programmes of the Council, especially those related to students, in addition to introducing the Muscat Innovation Complex, the Oman Centre for Animal and Plant Genetic Resources, and interactive competitions during the festival days.
The Robot Corner consists of 50 teams in robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Sumo, Line Tracing, Collecting Balls, the First Lego League, and the free/open competition. It also includes a number of activities including visitors introducing to robot parts and programming, robot plays and the robot Azi.
The Engineering Corner includes eleven activities in the fields of architectural, mechanical, electronic and bilateral dimensions and triples in the design of engineering projects, AutoCAD, the scientific principle of bridges. Visitors will enjoy watching the electronics shows presented by the Manah Cultural Centre as well as engineering creations from the Caledonian College of Engineering, as well as other experiments such as the self-rating basket, and a set of chemical experiments.
The Innovation Corner features projects of 68 students in environmental science, engineering systems, energy and transportation, natural and mathematical sciences. It also includes a corner for GLOBE environmental research where researches of 14 students discuss different environmental problems. The corner also includes innovative games concerned with intellectual property and entrepreneurship and chemical experiments and robotics.
Oman Science Festival 2017 is part of the Education Ministry’s bid to promote science among students and the general public. OSF ends on Saturday.

Text by Thuraiya al Hosni AND Maytha al Alyani