Fanfare for local products in full swing

By Mai Al Abria — Providing exposure to local craftsmen to a wider audience is in full swing. This time the Public Authority for Craft Industries (PACI) represented by the Department of Marketing and Exhibitions participated for the second year in a row in the Saturday Market held at the yard of the Intercontinental Hotel recently. Five mobile carts were present in the market that included a variety of crafts, such as incense, perfumes, pottery and woolen and silverware.
Abdullah al Busaidi, head of the exhibitions department of PACI, said that the purpose of participating in the event was to introduce national industries and crafts to an even broader audience. The exhibitions allow for ease of marketing and provide local craftsmen an opportunity to meet people who could support them and improve their standing and brand recognition.
PACI aims to involve an even larger number of artisans and craft enterprises owners to better their chances to succeed.
Ahmed al Mukhladi, an artisan, didn’t think twice of joining the Saturday Market when it was brought to his attention.
958390He explained that the opportunity is extremely beneficial for craftsmen and entrepreneurs like him to get proper introduction to community.
“Through this, we can expand our base for marketing and get our local products get known by a bigger audience,” he said.
Al Mukhladi added, “We wish to have permanent outlets in the markets, grand commercial centers and airports.”
He explained that getting the support they need from the government and provided with the right tools and venues for marketing — example, a strategic location where domestic tourism is active, will allow them to make bigger contribution to the national income.
By reaching their business goals, Al Mukhladi said they are also helping in reaching the aspirations and goals of the industry and the country in general.
Walida al Mamria and Ahlam al Siyabia shared that they find their inclusion in the Saturday Market very promising. Not only were they able to showcase their products, they were also able to hear firsthand what potential clients think of what they send to the market.
“I make products out of raw materials like palms branches and clay. Visitors showed admiration towards them,” Al Mamria said.
“I thank PACI and the committee working on this event for their continuous support to us. I believe that the Omani artisans have received major encouragement and care from the government and it is now our role to pay back our country,” al Mamria said.