Expat employees in govt sector can sponsor domestic help

MUSCAT: Expatriate employees working in government entities in the Sultanate can now sponsor and bring domestic help.

Brigadier General Ahmed bin Sultan Al Nabhani, Director General of Foreign Residency and Passports, said on Wednesday that the sponsorship will be allowed based on the work permit the employee has with the ministry of manpower.

“This is a privilege being given to the foreign employees in the government sector”, he said a statement, referring to the new amendments made in the sponsorship rules.

According to him, the new decision (No 129/2018) issued on June 13 by Lt Gen Hassan bin Mohsen al Shuraiqi, Inspector General of Police and Customs, states that ‘foreigners working in the government sector’ is added to Clause 1 of Article 14 in the old decision, which defines sponsorship rules.

Earlier, visas for housemaids were issued only through the sponsorship of the government entity where a foreign worker was employed.

“Now the expatriate employees in government entities can get the housemaid visa directly under his sponsorship,” he said.