Europe on high alert after truck attack kills 12 in Berlin market

BERLIN: A brutal truck attack on a Berlin Christmas market, which killed 12 people, has sent shockwaves across Europe, prompting some countries to join Germany in bolstering their security measures at events over the festive season. Berlin Christmas markets will remain closed for one day in the wake of the attack. Police presence is to increased in the German capital and concrete bollards are to be installed at certain Christmas markets in order to prevent any vehicles veering onto pedestrianised areas, a spokesman for the state of Berlin’s interior ministry said.

While state interior ministers outside Berlin agreed that shutting Christmas markets was not necessary, they agreed to implement tougher measures on a state by state level. Austria’s Interior Ministry told Christmas market organisers to revise their security plans in reaction to the truck attack. The country’s security forces have also been placed on high alert. London police said they will review security measures for Christmas and New Year’s Eve events in the British capital “following the awful incidents in Berlin and Ankara last night,” referencing the assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara on Monday.